Schabel Solutions Inc.

The Schabel Solutions team has over 25 years of DEI and human resources practitioner experience. Since 2016, we’ve been leveraging our experience and expertise as a strategic DEI consulting partner helping other organizations develop and implement innovative diversity and inclusion programs to build more collaborative, engaged and productive workplaces and workforces. More specifically, our solutions help our clients build the strategies, confidence, skills, normalized inclusive behaviors and workplace cultures needed to address the dangers of unmitigated unconscious bias, untapped talent, missed market opportunities, and stagnant innovation. We use our signature framework and people-centric tools to deliver innovative and customizable DEI consulting, DEI training, DEI presenting and DEI coaching services to our many business, not-for-profit, education and government clients. We are a Certified Virtual Facilitator™ by the International Institute for Facilitation. We are also Intercultural Development Inventory® certified for conducting robust organization-wide cultural equity assessments, which we leverage to develop and implement DEI strategies with our clients.

Claudia Schabel

Founder & CEO 

Brad Schabel